Transforming the Salesforce Standard Quotes

Balink launches QuoteEditor for Appexchange, a must-have add-on to Salesforce standard Quotes.

Balink’s Quote Editor transforms the Salesforce standard Quotes into a highly effective tool by providing enhanced and customizable product search and quote grid modules, along with an advanced Quote Template, fully embedded into Salesforce Quotes.

Key features:

  • Enhanced and fully customizable quote items search module
  • Richly featured, fully customizable quote grid
  • Advanced Quote Template to create exactly the quote printout you need
  • Fully embedded within Salesforce standard Quotes – no custom objects, no new workflows

Why Quote Editor?

In few words: configuration, value added functionality and standardization.

While quotation is often a central process within the sales flow in any CRM system, customers’ needs may differ significantly at the finer details: for example, users need to customize the fields to be displayed on the product selection page, configure the product search area to include pre-defined picklist filters such as Product Family or Manufacturers, or create ready to use custom quote templates.
In other words, Salesforce Quote users are looking for flexibility. Quote Editor allows the power users to easily configure the system in all key aspects of the quoting process, so that the sales reps may work with a truly productive and adapted tool for preparing and generating quotes.

In addition, Sales reps should not compromise on key functionalities related to quoting: a powerful product search module; a fully featured proposal grid calibration page with drag and drop, net margin calculation, proposal sectioning and much more; and finally a state of the art quote template editor to produce exactly the quote print they need.
Relying on several years’ expertise in quoting solutions for Salesforce clients, Balink product development team has designed Quote Editor to meet all these advanced, yet essential, requirements.

Finally, standardization is the key motto in Quote Editor’s design: the tool requires minimal to no deviation from the Salesforce quoting workflow, no extra data objects and full preservation of all standard fields. Users can immediately enjoy the new benefits inherent in the solution with minimal training.

Quote Editor will transform the way your users make quotes in Salesforce!