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Dynamic Apex Part I

Written by naore. Posted in Balink blog

The Saga Begins:

Dynamic Apex is awesome. we at Balink are always developing design patterns that can help you achieve more in less. stick to these articles and learn a bunch – or copy and paste code to your needs.

Salesforce is great, it allows us to do a lot in little time but sometimes we need more capabilities and more customizations. when point and click is not enough we go to Apex code. A very useful yet somewhat limited language that is characterized by static type checks and strong typing.

The following series of articles will give you a glimpse into the capabilities that we at Balink spent years developing and tweaking, the capabilities that give us and could help you achieve efficient, responsive, maintainable and reusable code whilst reducing development effort saving you and your customers time and money.

Finally, let’s dive into a simple example to ease you in:

public static Object aggregateAction(list parentList,String childName,String fieldToAgg){
    Object retVal;
    //For each parent object in the argument list:
    for (Sobject parentObj : parentList){
        //For each child object in the parent related list, do some action:
        for (Sobject relatedObj: parentObj.getSobjects(childName)){
            retVal = action(retVal, relatedObj.get(fieldToAgg));
    return retVal;

The above method allows us to perform aggregated action on a list of parent Sobjects that have related lists with the same API name. Also, the action can be done on any type of field and perform any action desired! Think about it for a moment, this is a 10 line method that performs extremely versatile rollup summaries. No master-child relationship requirement, no 3 rollups limitation. The children doesn’t have to have a single parent, or even the same parent type! Reusability, low complexity, high maintainability. Need an aggregate action on a related list? – This solution will work – out of the box. This is the true power of dynamic coding. By unifying multiple solutions to one piece of portable code we allow for lower overall complexity and higher maintainability (refactoring one method vs. much more than that). The bottom line – less development time, less bugs (since we reuse code that was already vetted), less money, more fun. Comparing static to dynamic implementations: In the following scenario we want to sum the totalVlaue field for all the opportunity line items that have a lookup to some product2 or opportunity Sobjects.

Dynamic use case:
 //parentList contains all the opportunities and products that will be summed.
      parentList = { Prodcut_And_Opportunity_list
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    Decimal oppSum = (Decimal) aggregateAction(parentList ,‘OpportunityLineItems’,’TotalPrice’);
Static solution:
public static Decimal getOpportunityLineItemSum(list prodList,list
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     Decimal retVal = 0;
     for (Product2 prod: prodList)
          for (OpportunityLineItem  oppLI:prod.OpportunityLineItems)

     for (opportunity opp: oppList)
         for (OpportunityLineItem  oppLI:opp.OpportunityLineItems)

     return retVal;

The static solution is obviously losing, a trend that will intensify as the complexity of the problem increases. Let alone we need a loop per Sobject type, what should we do if in another place in the project we want to sum not ‘totalPrice’ but ‘Quantity’? or maybe add a custom Sobject who also happens to be a opprtunityLineItem parent? or providing a similar functionality for a different project? For each of these scenarios we must completely rewrite our static function, and keeping all of the forked versions in our code. This is bad. It will be hard to maintain, hard to debug and will bloat the project for no good reason. The dynamic version will simply work. This is where Dynamics shines. Oh yeah.

So dynamics is awesome. It will save you time, money and heartache. In the next few articles we will go deeper, and will see some really cool design patterns for Apex and VisualForce as well as solutions to common issues and gotcha’s you may encounter while writing dynamic code (i.e error handling, type inference,

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casting and more).

Salesforce Remote AJAX

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Salesforce’s new look! It’s worth checking out.

Salesforce Remote AJAX is one of the most interesting new capabilities recently added to the Force.com platform. It allows users to make AJAX calls with the help of JS code that uses salesforce static controller.

ISVForce in Israel

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Balink was a Platinum sponsor at ISVForce in Israel in partnership with Salesforce.

Balink, an Israeli company Specializing in Force.com development was naturally the platinum sponsor of this event, Accompanied by Two of its partners: Safenet – the data protection company – and Liveperson – The leader in chat solutions.

Ajax for Salesforce

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Ajax (an acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a group of interrelated web development techniques used on the client-side to create asynchronous web applications. With Ajax, web applications can send data to, and retrieve data from, a server asynchronously (in the background) without interfering with the display and behavior of the existing page.

Crypto Class

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Hello all!

Cryptography is one of the basic and important part of protecting data.

The concept of Cryptography is dealing with information security algorithms on various levels. Cryptographic binds under many topics, including: encryption of confidential information, identity verification (like passwords) control access rights and digital signatures.

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